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Hi, my name is Nicolai Brand. Welcome to my webpage :-). Computer Science is my passion and I study it at home as well as at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology where I am taking a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science. I am broadly interested in algorithms, high-performance, operating systems and compilers.

You can contact me at “nicolai dot brand at ntnu dot no”.

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Currently working on

Taking my shell scripting language slash into beta. To achieve this, I need to fix the parsing and interpolation of raw paths such as /home/user/Desktop, $HOME/Desktop, etc. Additionally I want to implement syntax sugar for calling functions on typed values. Instead of doing split(“a, b, c”, “,”), I want it to be possible to write “a, b, c”.split(","). Once this is done I want to translate and enhance some of my utility scripts, currently written in POSIX shell script, into slash.

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Last updated: Jun 22, 2024